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1993: KAEFER's Finnish subsidiary KAEFER OY started its activities in the Baltics thru representative - AS HAWO. It offered local clients instead of soviet insulations modern energy-saving and long-lasting solutions, which at first were considerably more expensive than the products offered by local competitors, but which despite of it soon found future-minded buyers.

1998 KAEFER Oy subsidiary in Estonia was registered as KAEFER Isolatsioonitehnika OÜ and it was able to start as an already known company with tested quality standards, its own market recess and patrons.
KAEFER OÜ was responsible for all Baltic states until 2005 when Lithuania and Latvia where handed over to a new member og KAEFER Gruop - Tarmoizola UAB, wich already have activities in these countries.

1999 First shipbuilding projects together with KAEFER Oy in Helsinki and Turku. In Turku it has continued until now.

2001 First major boiler project uin AS Horizon Kehra paper mill

2002 First Industrial insulation Project in Neste petrochemical plant where KAEFER OÜ is working still together with KAEFER OY

2009 First shipbuilding project in France together with local KAEFER Wanner Shipbuilding

2010 First job in Belarus - Lida Brewery reconstruction, this is still ongoing project