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Industrial insulation projects for year 2010-2009:

2010Neste Oil OYjPipe and Equipment insulation along with maintenance of Porvoo petrochemical plant, Finland.
2010Cesu Alus A/SPipe insulation for Cesis, Latvia.
2010Cooltec OÜCold pipes and vessels PUR insulation for Cold storage for Cooltec OÜ, Paldiski.
2010Lidskoje PivoPipes and Vessels insulation of Lida Brewery, Belarus.
2010AS KryosCold pipes and vessels PUR insulation for AS Kryos, Ääsmäe.
2010Termoisolatsioonide OÜPeak and reserve boiler insulation and Pipe insulation, Ahtme Power station and Vesta Terminal, Ahtme.
2010Alstom Estonia ASSmoke duct insulation for Eesti Power station, Narva.
2010AS Anne SoojusPipe insulation, Anne Boiler, Tartu.
2009Neste Oil OYjBiodiesel plant 2 pipe insulation for Porvoo petrochemical plant, Finland.
Maintenance of Porvoo petrochemical plant, Finland.
2009Cesu Alus A/SWine vessels and pipes insulation for Cesu Alus Brewery, Cesis, Latvia.
2009AS Saaremaa PiimatööstusSteam and condensate pipe insulation at Saaremaa Dairy, Kuressaare.
2009AS A.Le CoqVessel and pipe insulation at Tartu Brewery, Tartu.
2009Juhani OÜPipe insulation at Aleksela Sillamäe oil terminal , Sillamäe.
2009Kryos ASCold pipe PUR insulation for Laeva Dairy, Laeva.
2009Johnson Controls Estonia OÜNH3 Vessel and pipe insulation for Põltsamaa Meierei cheese factory, Rannu.
2009Valio Eesti AS Laeva MeiereiPipe insulation for Laeva dairy, Laeva.
2009Võru Juust ASPipe insulation at Võru cheese factory, Võru.
2009AS TamultPipe insulation at Lihula boiler, Lihula.